Why Should We Still Learn Presentation Software?

  1. Complex Made Simple:  Presentation software adds visual elements to help convey complex information more engaging and memorable. You can create compelling visuals and infographics that will communicate messages more effectively.
  2. Team Collaboration: Both software suites allow team members to collaborate on the design and editing of presentations. This increases everyone’s efficiency and makes communication easier.
  3. Use of Templates: Templates are the foundation for consistent design and content structure across multiple presentations. They ensure a company’s brand identity remains consistent.
  4. Judicious Use of Animations and Transitions: A little goes a long way to make a presentation more interesting, especially if the material itself is relatively dry.
  5. A Visual Tool To Support Your Presentation: Too often presenters lean too heavily on their deck to communicate critical messages. Presentation software is a powerful resource that enhances your words, style, voice inflection, etc.