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Effective Business Storytelling

  • The Power of Listening
  • Works/Doesn’t Work
  • What Is Said, What Is Meant
  • How/Why Stories Impact Sales
  • Crafting Your Narrative
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Learn Excel

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  • Formatting Data
  • Basic & Advanced Formulas
  • Absolute/Relative References
  • Tables & Charts
  • Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts
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Learn PowerPoint

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  • Themes
  • Images & Video
  • Transitions & Animations
  • Telling Your Story
  • Presenting Your Deck
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Customized, Real-Time Workshops With a Live Instructor

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My Software Tutor Delivers Results

I will be able to apply what I have learned.


My job performance will improve with these new learnings.


This learning experience is a worthwhile investment of my time.


I learned something new in this workshop.


I found the training materials useful.


Source: MST post course surveys (Jan 2020-June 2022)

“I highly recommend My Software Tutor’s teaching methods. The instruction is organized and well designed. Courses are hands-on with live visual instruction”

“The session was engaging and informative…well worth the time invested. Thank you for the valuable tips. They will be put to good use to enhance my productivity.

We cap the size of workshops and courses to optimize learning. All of our public-facing Excel and Powerpoint Fundamentals courses are designed as one x :90-minute session. The Excel and PowerPoint Basics and Intermediate courses are taught over two x 2:00 hour sessions. The Effective Business Storytelling workshop can run as a 1/2 day -2 day workshop.

All of these offerings can be customized by topic and length to align with your specific business objectives. You provide the team members. We will upskill/re-skill them to reach their optimal success.

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 “Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.
― Oliver Wendell Holmes

Case Study

Case Study: Well-Known Health Insurance Provider

Objective: Upskill current employees to advance into new positions within the organization.

My Software Tutor was engaged by JVS SoCal to develop custom Excel and PowerPoint training on behalf of their client, a well-known health insurance provider. From Jan-Oct 2020, MST provided instruction to 250+ adult learners across two levels of Excel (beginner & intermediate) and one level of PowerPoint (beginner). Each course level was comprised of two sessions x 2:00 hours each. Curricula was designed to meet specific client specifications.

For the first three months, classes were held on-site in the client’s computer training facility (capacity 16 students). Beginning in April 2020, the program was re-developed for a Zoom-based e-learning environment. Online class capacity remained consistent. Two sets of metrics were utilized to measure success:

  • Net Promotertm research score (NPS) is a widely recognized management tool which measures satisfaction. It compares survey results to benchmarks from related industries.
  • Anecdotal surveys were completed at the end of each course iteration. They utilized “top two boxes” methodology.

NPS Scores: Comparisons were made between student feedback and similar courses in the “Corporate University” category. MST consistently delivered significant increases above the benchmark score.

Anecdotal Surveys: Using the “top two boxes” methodology (Likert scale), extremely satisfied/satisfied responses were combined as a percentage of the five options provided. The results demonstrated superior satisfaction across all categories.

My Software Tutor Delivers Results

I will be able to apply what I have learned.


My job performance will improve with these new learnings.


This learning experience is a worthwhile investment of my time.


I learned something new in this workshop.


I found the training materials useful.


Source: MST post course surveys (Jan 2020-June 2022)

Client Feedback

The client has been extremely pleased with these results. They have already identified several learners to be promoted into other positions. We have been advised this training program will be continued during 2021.

Learner Feedback

Learner feedback was consistently positive for this learning experience. In addition, several employees have been promoted into new positions based on their enhanced skill sets.

“Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.
— John Wooden

Kind Words

Kind Words

If you’re looking to add some important computer skills to your tool kit, I highly recommend Steve’s courses for Excel and PowerPoint. I’ve taken them and they were excellent. Steve is a great listener and a patient teacher.

Everything I Hoped For

Thank you so much for the wonderful Excel courses. I have been meaning to learn Excel for ages and your classes were everything I could have hoped for. Thank you for spending so much time with us and for helping me learn a skill that (hopefully) will help me get jobs in the future. I really appreciated the opportunity to learn from you.

Patient & Thorough

Steve ran a highly organized class taking a very systematic approach to teaching Excel. His step by step and very thorough organization of a complex subject matter provided a solid appreciation of the span of topics that one has to learn to master basic Excel. I highly recommend these courses for his patience and thoroughness.

A relaxed, non-judgemental atmosphere

Steve and his team always make the content interesting, informative, and enjoyable! They simplify the information for a better understanding within a more relaxed, non-judgemental atmosphere which is definitely more conducive to learning. I am a big fan of Steve’s teaching methods and content. I would definitely recommend his services very highly! 

Always Patient And Very Clear!

I learned a lot from your excel basics and fundamentals class and was able to achieve the level of knowledge and skills as outlined for those classes. I really enjoyed your style of teaching as we navigated through the intricacies, tips and functionalities of excel.  Always patient and very clear! Also, I appreciated you always welcoming our questions and reviewing any areas of uncertainty without any hesitations. Thank you again.

Solid Introductory Class

I was not familiar with Excel before this course. It was a solid introductory class that taught me all the necessary requirements needed to start using this software. I’m now excited to take Level II to understand more complex formulas and learn about pivot tables.

Highly Recommended

If you’re looking to add some important computer skills to your tool kit, I highly recommend Steve’s courses for Excel and PowerPoint. I’ve taken them and they were excellent. Steve is a great listener and a patient teacher.

Useful Instruction

I found the instruction useful and will continue to practice and utilize the materials to gain a better understanding of Excel. I recently lost my job as did others in my company. Hopefully knowing this software will help me find another position even if I have to change careers.

Finally I Know Excel

I’ve been going to my son for help every time something goes wrong (and it happens more than I’d like). Finally I learned the basics of Excel. Then I took Level II and learned so much more. Now when I call my son he doesn’t automatically think I’m asking for help. Thank you Steve!

Better Than Online

Wanted to say your teaching is so much better than just an online class.

Thank You So Much

Thank you so much. I really appreciated this class!

Definitely Recommend

I’ve tried other types of online learning. This is by far the best one. We learn and we practice. Easy to understand. Definitely recommended for newbies like me.

Not Scared Any More

I’ve been afraid of Excel for a long time. Tried watching some YouTube videos and even signed up for a “work at your own speed” course. I learn so much better when there’s a live instructor like in school. Steve explained things clearly and didn’t go too fast. By the end of Level I, much of my fear had gone away. I’m definitely looking forward to Level II.

Thank you so much

I definitely learned some new tricks that I will be able to utilize on a regular basis.

You’re An Excellent Instructor!

Steve, no doubt about it, you are an excellent instructor! I found that the way you have structured the course makes it easier and less stressful to learn. Of course, as a direct result of your laid back approach and empathy for our anxiety level! I have done some Excel in the past, and I have always gone out of my way to avoid it. Whereas now, I want to finally conquer the beast! To hopefully discover, that really it is just a teddy bear, that just needs the proper attention. That would definitely be awesome!

Knowledgeable, Compassionate And Patient

I had no idea Excel could do so much. When Steve showed us, the choices were overwhelming. But he’s an excellent teacher – knowledgeable, compassionate, and patient. I will recommend this course to everyone I know who may need to get better at using Excel.

Thank You!

I’ve been wanting to learn Excel for a long time. This class was very helpful and definitely will allow me to practice these skills on my free time. Thank you!

Thank You

Thank you for this workshop. I did learn a lot and feel I can use this in my day to day job 🙂

Great Experience

This month I completed two courses from My Software Tutor. PowerPoint and Excel. I liked it because it was an interactive class vs learning on my own. Great experience. I highly recommend My Software Tutor.

Engaging and Informative

I doubted my ability to stay focused on a training delivered via Zoom, but you made the session so engaging and informative. It was easy, enjoyable, and well worth the time invested. Thank you for the valuable tips gained. They will be put to good use to enhance my productivity. I am eager to recommend My Software Tutor. You offer a high-quality service that provides results.

Thanks for a great experience

Thank you so much for your patience and encouragement. You are a gifted teacher and present content in a way that is understandable and tailored to meet each person’s needs.

Better Than The Classroom

I had always wanted to learn Excel and because I learn better with a real live instructor, I was looking for an “in-classroom” experience. I am so happy I found Steve and My Software Tutor! The Excel Basics course, taught via Zoom with Steve at the helm, was far better than any online class I had ever taken! Besides the convenience of not having to schlepp to your car dragging your computer, the patience, knowledge, and attention Steve gave to all students really allowed me to learn. I had ZERO Excel experience before I took the class and now I can actually create a spreadsheet.

A Valuable Learning Experience

I knew a little bit about Excel before the course and still learned new things that will help me with my future. The combination of hands-on with a live presentation was great. We got to practice what we learned. The learning experience was valuable and it helped that the instructor had great communication skills.

No Longer Intimidated By Excel

The Excel Fundamentals training course did exactly what it was designed to do. Steve made me feel comfortable to ask questions. Thanks to this course I am no longer intimidated by Excel. 

Valuable Teaching

I’ve never needed to use Excel very much, but thought it might be useful to learn a little more about it. So I took your course. A few weeks later, I got a surprise: a new client asked me to develop some spreadsheets for them. I began the work, and quickly realized how valuable your teaching had been. I’m using Excel in a way I never thought I could. Thank you!

Pleased To Refer Students

It’s been great learning about My Software Tutor over this past year. I’m pleased to be able to refer students to your toolkit. I even referred my husband last week, who is a Controller with a lot of Excel background, for some help with a specific issue. Who else could help him out but you? Thank you for the support and quick response you were able to provide. I will continue to refer to your team in the future and look forward to much growth for MST.

What a wonderful class!

Targeting people who have a fear of computers and applications is a great niche. I learned a lot and I have taken more than a few Excel courses. I really feel you have a knack for delivering this content. Your versatility is evident and helpful. Your course design is strong. I am so glad for the opportunity and plan to take the remaining Excel courses.

I Learned So Much

I learned so much from Steve’s class on Excel Basics and Fundamentals. I was able to achieve the level of knowledge and gain the skills I needed! I really appreciated Steve’s style of teaching, his patience and his clear instructions. Always welcoming questions without any hesitations. He is definitely the go to person for all levels for Excel! Thank you.

Thank You!

Your patience and detail was appreciated very much by myself and I could see others feeling the same way as you helped each of them. Your candor was also very instructive and helpful to help me learn more that I need to do.

Fun And Easy

You are a great trainer. Thank you for your time. You made this fun and easy to follow and learn.

Clear and Precise

The instructor and materials were clear and precise. He brought the class along on a good learning pace.


I highly recommend My Software Tutor’s teaching methods for learning Excel. The instruction is organized and well designed. Courses are hands-on, with live visual instruction, and small enough that everyone gets the benefit of direct attention from the instructor. No question is glossed over and information is explained to meet your needs.

No Longer Scared

You took something that petrified me and made it simple. Thank you 🙂

Really Enjoyed Excel

I really enjoyed my Excel class and got so many helpful tips and tricks as a result. I’m very much looking forward to the same with PowerPoint.

Thank You

Instructor Steve taught everything I wanted to learn. He was on point and patient with the class. It was good to learn how to properly navigate Excel. Thank you.

Thank You For Your Patience

Thank you for your patience and for an excellent session today.  I can see that you have a comfortable way of making the material concrete, interesting, and enjoyable. I feel ready to take the next step.

"Learning never exhausts the mind.”
-- Leonardo da Vinci

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 “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.
— Socrates