PPT Curriculum

PowerPoint Curriculum

Over 35 million Microsoft PowerPoint presentations are made every day by an estimated 500 million users worldwide. The software was developed at a Silicon Valley startup in the mid-1980s and released for the Macintosh computer in 1987. Microsoft bought it for $14M three months after its initial launch as their first significant acquisition.  PowerPoint became a component of the Office suite in 1989 for Macintosh and in 1990 for Windows. 

My Software Tutor offers a three-level suite of Zoom-based, live instructor courses for PowerPoint scheduled on various days and times. A single level is typically completed within the same week. If you’re not sure which course to take, check out our handy “Which PowerPoint Course Should I Take?” resource

PowerPoint Fundamentals

Course length: One x :90 session

PowerPoint Fundamentals for Newbies presumes no prior experience with the software. We introduce core functionality and build confidence so learners establish a solid foundation for future courses.

  • Why we use PowerPoint
  • Tour of the interface – slides, ribbon, status bar/view area
  • Start a new presentation
  • Insert new slides
  • Delete slides
  • Slide formats
  • Re-order slides
  • Bold, italics, underline, font color & fill.
  • Introduction to themes & styles
PPt Fundamentals: Change Slide Layouts
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PowerPoint Basics

Course length: Two x 2:00 sessions (separated by one or more days usually within the same week).

PowerPoint Basics provides learners with a practical, functional understanding of the PowerPoint software. We begin by learning about effective storytelling structure and work towards understanding the core tools that support presentation creation.

  • Apply a theme – the impact on color palette, fonts & slide layout
  • Add style to text boxes
  • Create sections
  • Insert pictures
    • Styles, adjustments, borders, effects, crop, transparency, compression
    • Overlay images
  • Work with shapes
    • Format, re-size, rotate, color, gradient
    • Arrange and re-order multiple shapes
  • Align text boxes, pictures, and shapes
  • Configure PPT
  • Edit the slide master
  • Add headers & footers including date, time, etc.
  • Incorporate SmartArt graphics
  • Create tables
    • Design, layout, modify, import from Excel
  • Visually represent using charts
    • Design, modify, data source, embed an Excel file
  • Using transitions between slides
  • Design tips & tricks
PPT Basics: Slide Layouts By Theme
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PowerPoint Intermediate

Course length: Two x 2:00 sessions (separated by one or more days usually within the same week).

PowerPoint Intermediate provides a more robust understanding of the software. The course delves more deeply into the parameters of storytelling construction. A spotlight is also pointed at how to develop more confidence around your presentation skills. Students will leave this course having gained practical, effective functionality for everyday use.

  • Develop an effective narrative
    • Create a framework
    • Story structure
    • Dynamic creative process
    • The hero message
    • Your role as a presenter
  • Import from Word, PDF & PPT
  • Convert text to shapes
  • Insert a video
  • Use a summary zoom slide
  • Illustrate with 3D models
  • Incorporate animations
    • Entrance, emphasis, and exit effects
  • Slide notes
  • Why a presentation in person is different from via Zoom
  • PPT Cameo
  • Prepare to present
    • Rehearsal
    • Custom slide shows
    • Recording a slide show
  • Export PPT
  • Share the file
    • Compressing images for file size
  • Make your presentation
    • Annotations
    • Presenter view
  • Presentation tips & tricks
  • Keys to success
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“All the world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind.
— Martin H. Fischer