Introducing The “Effective Business Storytelling” Workshop

My Software Tutor is proud to introduce our newest training resource – Effective Business Storytelling. This workshop has been designed as a customizable, modular, on-site/off-site seminar for both internal and external-facing teams. The results will materially impact your bottom line through (1) more productive communication among team members, and (2) improved expression of core value proposition(s). Why is this critical?

  • A 2020 LinkedIn study showed that effective communication was cited 35x more frequently in job postings than any other soft skill set,
  • The more effectively your products and services are explained, the more likely they will be chosen over the competition,
  • Expanded client base = increased revenue

Organizations can select from up to eight customizable units. Sessions are delivered over one or more days. MST offers a number of impactful topics such as:

The Power of Listening

Listening is the single most crucial skill in business. Unfortunately, most people don’t listen to understand, they listen to reply.

What is Said vs What is Meant

When the meaning is the meaning, there is more clarity and less room for interpretation.

Works/Doesn’t Work

The more you can understand what works for you (and others), the less likely you will spend time doing things that don’t work.

How/Why Stories impact sales

A Google/Motista/CEB study showed that over 50% of B2B buyers are more likely to buy if they can connect emotionally with your brand, which creates a sense of trust.

The Art & science of storytelling

In today’s distraction-filled environment, how do you grab attention and stoke curiosity? You have less time than you think.

MST upskills and re-skills team members through three levels of real-time, practical courses in Microsoft Excel & PowerPoint. All of these courses are taught by a live instructor. This means learners can, without judgment, ask questions and get answers. MST will create customized versions of both curricula to meet specific business needs. This software training can also be integrated into the “Effective Business Storytelling” workshop.

My Software Tutor works with companies that value operational efficiency and core business productivity skills. Our team welcomes the opportunity to bring these innovative training tools to your team. Contact us today to discuss your organizational needs.