Case Study

Case Study: Well-Known Health Insurance Provider

Objective: Upskill current employees to advance into new positions within the organization.

My Software Tutor was engaged by JVS SoCal to develop custom Excel and PowerPoint training on behalf of their client, a well-known health insurance provider. From Jan-Oct 2020, MST provided instruction to 250+ adult learners across two levels of Excel (beginner & intermediate) and one level of PowerPoint (beginner). Each course level was comprised of two sessions x 2:00 hours each. Curricula was designed to meet specific client specifications.

For the first three months, classes were held on-site in the client’s computer training facility (capacity 16 students). Beginning in April 2020, the program was re-developed for a Zoom-based e-learning environment. Online class capacity remained consistent. Two sets of metrics were utilized to measure success:

  • Net Promotertm research score (NPS) is a widely recognized management tool which measures satisfaction. It compares survey results to benchmarks from related industries.
  • Anecdotal surveys were completed at the end of each course iteration. They utilized “top two boxes” methodology.

NPS Scores: Comparisons were made between student feedback and similar courses in the “Corporate University” category. MST consistently delivered significant increases above the benchmark score.

Anecdotal Surveys: Using the “top two boxes” methodology (Likert scale), extremely satisfied/satisfied responses were combined as a percentage of the five options provided. The results demonstrated superior satisfaction across all categories.

My Software Tutor Delivers Results

I will be able to apply what I have learned.


My job performance will improve with these new learnings.


This learning experience is a worthwhile investment of my time.


I learned something new in this workshop.


I found the training materials useful.


Source: MST client post course surveys (Jan 2020-Oct 2020)

Client Feedback

The client has been extremely pleased with these results. They have already identified several learners to be promoted into other positions. We have been advised this training program will be continued during 2021.

Learner Feedback

Learner feedback was consistently positive for this learning experience. In addition, several employees have been promoted into new positions based on their enhanced skill sets.

“Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.
— John Wooden