Which PowerPoint Course Should I Take?

Which PowerPoint Course Should I Take?

The following questions are designed to help you determine which PowerPoint course is most aligned with your knowledge and experience. If you are still not sure after answering these questions, explore the curriculum or send us a note.

  • I’ve created a PPT presentation from a blank template
  • I understand how to insert new slides with differing formats
  • I can re-order and delete slides
  • I’ve used the slide sorter view
  • I know how to enter and to format text
  • I can insert a new text box
  • I know how to incorporate a built-in theme

If you answered “No” to three or more of these statements, we recommend you start with the PPT Fundamentals class. This will ensure you have a solid foundation for more advanced learning. If you are good to go with these core skills, please move on to the next group of questions.

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  • I’m comfortable constructing a basic storytelling framework for presentations
  • I know how to create a PPT template
  • I can insert and modify images
  • I’ve created and edited single and multiple shapes
  • I can edit the slide master and insert headers & footers
  • I know how and when to incorporate SmartArt graphics
  • I can build and modify tables & charts
  • I understand how to work with audio and video files
  • I know the value and pitfalls of slide transitions

If you answered “No” to most of these statements, we recommend you start with PPT Basics. However, if you confidently answered “Yes” to most of them, you may be ready to tackle our PPT Intermediate course (see more below).

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  • I can convert text into shapes
  • I’ve used a summary zoom slide
  • I’m comfortable incorporating slide transitions
  • I understand how entrance, emphasis, and exit animations are used (or not)
  • I know how to tell a compelling story in PPT
  • My presentation preparation is efficient and effective.
  • I know how to export a PPT.
  • I’m a master presenter.

If these statements somewhat align with your existing knowledge, you’re probably ready for our PPT Intermediate course. However, if you answered “No” to more than a few of them, it means your PPT foundation is likely a bit unsteady (as it is for most people, or else you wouldn’t be on this site). For you, we recommend starting with PPT Basics.

If you know everything on the entire page, would you like to teach for MST?

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