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Effective Business Storytelling

The most effective presenters are often those that communicate a clear, compelling story. Your objective may be to close a sale, communicate information or facilitate dialogue. However, when it comes to presentation methodology, one size does not fit all. We are individuals, not robots. The presentation style used by Carter or Emily may or may not work for Susan or Antonio.

Throughout business, we are challenged to live in an ADD-infused world. People want information faster and in smaller bites. Amid all the distractions and noise, how can you increase your odds to grab and hold your audience’s attention?

My Software Tutor has developed this active engagement workshop for organizations and teams. We provide a framework for success so each person will personalize the learnings. This means you will develop presentations that align with your own strengths and weaknesses. MST doesn’t espouse a specific philosophy. Rather, we facilitate team members learning to figure out what works for you.

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Your patience and detail were appreciated very much by myself and I could see others feeling the same way as you helped each of them. Your candor was also very instructive and helpful to help me learn more that I need to do.”

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Program Topics

The following topics are offered under the umbrella of this workshop. The selections and time allocation are made in consultation with the client based upon the specific objectives of the organization.

  • Understanding Our Comfort Zone – Our comfort zone is not a real place. It is a psychological state of mind where we feel secure and in control. How does our comfort zone impact the results of a business presentation?
  • The Power of Listening – Effective presenters have a highly developed sense of listening. How do different ways of listening impact the speaker & audience?
  • Works/Doesn’t Work – An exploration of sales techniques that have worked and not worked for the participants. What was your anticipated response? Did this align with what actually happened?
  • What Is Said, What Is Meant – The more our communication aligns with the intended meaning, the greater the likelihood our desired outcome will occur.
  • How/Why Stories Impact Sales – Salespeople are often told to communicate “just the facts” or “get to the point.” However, adding well-formed, brief anecdotes can personalize the connection and make the difference between a deal or no deal.
  • Storytelling Narrative – What are the fundamental elements of a narrative? Why is this important? How does it impact the listener?
  • The Art & Science of Storytelling – There are many methodologies to formulate a story for business. One path does not exist for everyone. We explore multiple methodologies so participants can identify one (or more) with which they identify.
  • Hands-on Exercises – Throughout the workshop, participants will actively collaborate in teams and as a cohort. You will be engaged to discuss the topic and debate possible solutions. Learning often comes from considering various points of view.
  • Presentation Practice – Working in randomly selected teams, participants will be given a defined set of resources to develop a short presentation. They will present to other teams as well as the entire workshop. Listeners will be coached to provide specific types of feedback so the presenters can experience (and discuss) their reactions.
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Thank you for your patience and for an excellent session today.  I can see that you have a comfortable way of making the material concrete, interesting, and enjoyable. I feel ready to take the next step.”

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Program Design

Effective Business Storytelling is a hands-on and modular workshop. It can run as an intensive one or two-day activity, on or off-site. It can also be designed as a weekly seminar across X weeks over Zoom. Optionally, a customized PowerPoint class can be added for those who would benefit. To learn more…

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