Learn Excel In Real-Time, Online From a Live Instructor

In today’s challenging work environment, practical, functional Excel knowledge will open doors whether in your current position or if you are seeking a new job opportunity.

My Software Tutor will teach you these skills in a friendly, supportive, live online, Zoom-based course. This means you will interact in real time with an experienced instructor – ask questions, get answers. You can be on a Mac or Windows computer. You may a complete newbie, know the basics or see the value of enhancing your core skills. Note: a similar suite of PowerPoint courses (Fundamentals, Basics, Intermediate) will be offered soon.

MST has established a highly successful methodology to help you “turn on your lightbulb.”

If you’re looking to add important computer skills to your tool kit, I highly recommend these coursesThe instruction is organized and well designed. Courses are hands-on with live visual instruction.”
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My Software Tutor Delivers Results

I will be able to apply what I have learned.


My job performance will improve with these new learnings.


This learning experience is a worthwhile investment of my time.


I learned something new in this workshop.


I found the training materials useful.


Source: MST post course surveys (Jan 2020-April 2024)

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How well do you know Excel?

  • Can you enter data (text & numbers) into a spreadsheet?
  • Do you know how to modify the font, size, style and alignment of data?
  • Can you format monetary data as either currency or accounting?
  • Can you work with core functions such as SUM, AVERAGE, MIN, MAX, CONCAT, SUMIF & VLOOKUP?
  • Do you know how to create & format tables and charts?
  • Can you work with pivot tables, slicers and pivot charts?

Which Excel course(s) should I take? (click link)

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“I’ve tried other types of online learning. This is by far the best one. We learn and we practice. Easy to understand. Definitely recommended for newbies like me.I’ve been wanting to learn Excel for a long time. This class was very helpful and definitely will allow me to practice these skills on my free time. Thank you!


Custom Programs


Once you’ve identified your Excel course(s), check out our upcoming schedule. Use the discount code “CYNOPSIS20” to unlock your 20% discount. This savings is available to you and your family members.


Company-specific, customized courses can be designed to align with the specific needs of your organization. They can also be taught on a pre-set schedule. Please contact us.

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Lifelong learning is critical. We believe everyone should have access to the results of this training. If your singular obstacle to taking one or more MST courses is cost, please contact us.

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